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ASUS UX21 Ultrabook in September with 11.6” and 13” Screen Options

ASUS-UX21-Series-back-angleWhile I continue to test the pre-Ultrabook Series 9 here (don’t forget the live session tonight) news is starting to come in about availability of what should be the first true Ultrabook, the ASUS UX21.

DigiTimes are reporting the news that’s come from an Asus product conference in China.

The UX21 is rumoured to use the Intel Core i5 2557M CPU at 1.5Ghz and at with the 11” screen should weigh in at a very portable 1.2KG. The price details are still unknown at this stage but we’re expecting between $800 and $900 for the 11.6” version.

So when will all this goodness land? September. That’s about right for an IFA or IDF event launch and we’re likely to be at both of those events so stay tuned.

Via Netbooknews, Source: Digitimes.

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Samsung 900X3A Live Review on 30th June. Join, Contribute and Learn

If you’ve been to any of the live review sessions over at UMPCPortal or Carrypad you’ll know we offer a unique service. We’ll sit down with a device for a few hours, put a few cameras on it, start a chat session and run a live, detailed open review where you can ask questions and get all the answers you need.

live series 9

That’s what I’ll be doing with the Samsung 900X3A on Thursday evening at 2100 (Berlin time) at

Here’s the time shown in your location.

It’s free, it’s open and some of it is even recorded but if you want to ask specific questions and watch the input from other people in the chat room, you’ll need to be there!

Follow us at @ultrabooknews for late-breaking info and reminders in the run-up to the session on Thursday and don’t forget to watch the preview/overview on YouTube below.

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Samsung 900X3A Overview and Thoughts (Inc. Video)

Thanks to Samsung Germany I’ve had the Samsung 900X3A (that you might know as the Samsung Series 9) for about 3 days of full use now and I’ve just done an overview video.


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7 Ultrabook Processing Platform Candidates

I’m typing this article on a 1.4Ghz Core i5 2357M device. It’s fast and efficient and representative of the type of performance that you’re going to get from Ultrabooks. It’s not quite the platform that the Asus UX21 will use when it launches though. On that you can expect one of the three new Sandy Bridge ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) CPUs that CNet highlighted today. There are two additional Core i3 parts I see too which brings the total to 8 CPU/GPUs, one of which is for embedded markets.

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Samsung Series9 Incoming for Testing


While not officially an ultrabook, the beautiful Samsung Series 9 uses exactly the same platform as the Asus UX21 will when it launches. It comes with a generous 128GB SSD and it’s super-light too. The only issue is that it’s expensive.

That’s not going to deter us from testing one though so next week we’ll have the Samsung 900X3A with Core i5-2537M (NP-900X3A-A01DE) and we’ll be doing a live review session in partnership with my other blogging location, Stay tuned here and on Twitter for more information.

We’ve put the Series 9 in the database alongside the UX21

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MacBook Air Update Could Qualify as First Ultrabook

Image2I don’t recall Intel saying anything about Ultrabooks having to run Windows so with the MacBook Air highly likely to get an upgrade to Sandy Bridge soon, it could quality as the first Ultrabook. The 11.6” version starts at under $1000 and it’s one of the thinnest, lightest 11.6”-ers you can get.

The latest on the Sandy Bridge upgrade comes from AppleInsider who’s source has told them that a initial production-run using the 32nm Sandy Bridge architecture is scheduled for June. Expect devices to be available soon after, obviously.

Via Slashgear

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Lenovo Ideapad U300 / U3s. Is it? Or Isn't it?

It’s clear that an Ultrabook is more than just a ultra-low voltage CPU and a thin chassis but how tight are the specs laid down by Intel? Are there any laid down by Intel?  Ultrabook is a trademark and therefore likely to be more than just an internal spec-sheet but with no guidance from Intel on what is, and what isn’t, we’ll just have to guess because this slide is pretty much all we have to go on right now.



Anandtech have made a good attempt at a definition though and you can see that here. It includes some extra information that they’ve gleened from PR, interviews and the Computex keynote.

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