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Steve ‘Chippy’ Paine

Chippy (AKA Steve Paine) is the owner of Carrypad (2007) and full-time researcher, reporter and editor for Ultrabooknews, Carrypad and UMPCPortal mobile computing websites. Between 1985 and 2006 Chippy followed a career in the Internet industry with leading roles ranging from early UK ISP management through banking and ISP network architecture design to ISP security management. Follow me on Twitter: You’ll find all of Chippys posts here. Google Profile: Google+

Ben Lang

Ben has been writing about mobile tech in the Ultrabooknews/UMPCPortal/Carrypad network since the middle of 2008. Before this, he wrote front-page news and moderated the forums at With a focus on usability, Ben continues to be fascinated by the evolution of mobile technology and the increasing role that it plays in the lives of individuals. Ben is looking forward to practical “wearable computing” over the next 10 or 20 years. Follow Ben on twitter @benz145 You’ll find all Bens posts here.

Nils Jakobi

Nils Jakobi, located in Germany, is the New Product Editor for Ultrabooknews. He’s also been involved with optimising the Ultrabook advisor. Follow Nils on Twitter @thunderstorm99



My name is Efjay. I’ve worked in IT for a number of years and have always had an interest in computers, building my own on most occasions. Currently I have an Acer W500 running Windows 8 Pro which was my temp device before Windows 8 devices were released, my day to day device is an Asus Vivo Tab, backed up by an HP desktop upgraded to Windows 8, a custom built HTPC running Windows 7 and another custom built Windows Home Server v1. You’ll find all my posts here. I’m on Twitter, here.


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