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Broadwell Ultrabooks in Q4 2014. Expect these Features.

Dell-XPS-13-2014We’re in a good place with Ultrabooks right now. Haswell gave us the battery life we were waiting for and prices have come down. Effectively the Ultrabook project is over but the brand, and the soul of the Ultrabook continues. A Dell XPS13 has been leaked for Q3 and it’s highly likely we’ll see a launch at Computex in June but don’t expect any large-scale products or refreshes until Q4. While some may say that’s a slip, it was much the same with the last generation.

With Broadwell we can expect another tick (or was it a tock?) in the Intel strategy of improving processor architecture and then improving the manufacturing process. This time round we’re moving to a 14nm process which, like the move from Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge, gave us power efficiencies. We also got a refreshed GPU in that round too so maybe we’ll see some ‘Iris’ action on Ultrabooks later this year.

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CES2014 Ultrabook Round-Up. Ultrabook 2014 Thoughts.

embedded-cam-dellThe big CES2014 Ultrabook news summary is that there isn’t really anything major to talk about, which needs talking about.

Given that there were no major Ultrabook announcements or evidence of Ultrabook marketing at CES2014 we now have to think about the future of the Ultrabook and leading-edge notebooks. Importantly, who’s going to carry the flag for new PC technologies? Or was CES2014 just a break in the project to allow Intel to promote themselves in newer emerging technologies? What’s next for the Ultrabook, Ultrabook 2014.

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Ultrabook News from CES 2014. Preview.

Sony CES

While I, Chippy, have built the ultimate multi-screen office for covering the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (no, that’s the Sony booth being built above. My setup is bigger than that!)  our US editor Ben Lang is going to be on the show floor and will be contributing to Ultrabooknews and UMPCPortal. We’ve also got direct-lines to some of the other bloggers out there so expect to get a good round-up and  hopefully a little more editorial than I usually have time for. We’ll also do our best to get the new products in the database as soon as the full specifications are available.

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