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Ultrabook and Touch Hangout Video

Lenovo Thinkpad Twist (36)  The Live video is over but it’s embedded below. I must say that the session didn’t go as planned. At some point the URL got changed and people couldn’t get into the Hangout. Maybe we’ll try again soon but it was certainly not as good as the Ustream sessions we’ve run where people like to chat and don’t need to put their face up on video. I’ll look into restoring the original method.
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Electrified – With David Blaine and an Ultrabook?

I’m disappointed. Intel teases an Ultrabook experience called ‘always on’ and I’m getting excited that it’s a challenge to see how much battery life one can get out of an Ultrabook. It turns out it’s a stunt by David Blaine.


Worse still, it’s in New York so I can’t even go and see it.

I suspect the ‘3 Days, 3 Nights’  and ‘One Million Volts’ theme means he’ll be inside a cage. If we’re lucky he’ll make an Ultrabook last that long!

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Stimulating Developers with the Ultrabook Platform


I was invited by Intel to meet some developers yesterday. The Intel Ultrabook developers meet-up in Munich was casual and informative. We all enjoyed hands-on with some of the latest Ultrabooks but the conversation about why Ultrabooks could be interesting for developers was, for me, more interesting.

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(Was) Live at 2000 CET: Ultrabook News Update, Q&A, Samsung 900X1B Review

Sorry. The Session is over but you can already view some videos of the event at  Ustream. These videos will be going up to YouTube….

Update: Videos now available on YouTube. See this playlist.

We’re Live at 2000 CET (Berlin.) Ultrabook News Update, Q&A, Samsung 900X1B Review.

Time: Your timezone details here.


  • 2000: Ultrabook news update
  • 2015: General Ultrabook Q&A
  • 2030: Samsung 900X1B Uboxing, Overview
  • 2045:-2200: Detailed Testing
  • Q&A sessions will be interleaved.

You can tune in, ask questions and steer the testing on Saturday 3rd Dec at 2100 MEZ/CET (Your timezone details here.) I’ll be live for about 2 hours so please, drop in and join-in on .  Follow@ultrabooknews on Twitter for reminders.

Some parts of the show will be recorded.

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CES 2012 and Ultrabooks. Overview and Events

CES-2012Thanks to support from Intel I’ll be flying out to the Consumer Electronics Show which starts for us on the 8th Jan. CES is the #1 show in the US for computer-related electronics and is generally a showcase of products and technologies that you’re likely to see in the first half of 2012. Intel and their customers will have a huge Ultrabook-focused presence and we’re extremely pleased to be part of it.

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ASUS UX21 Live Review and Ultrabook Q&A–Today


Update: Session is finished now. A report will go up soon. is now available.

I think I’m right in saying that this is the first ever Ultrabook live review and Q&A. It happens tonight, here on

It starts at about 2100 GMT+1 (Berlin time. Your local time here)

We’ll be spending 2 hours (yes, it’s going to get detailed) testing the UX21 and we’ll include battery life testing, video video editing, gaming, web, usability and a whole lot more. There will be a chat session (already open at if you want to log in and start talking) and I’ll take general Ultrabook or UX21 questions and guidance from you. Some of the session (not all of it) will be recorded and posted tomorrow. You’ll need a flash-enabled browser and about 1mbps of bandwidth to join-in.

See you later. In the meantime, here’s a teaser and a bit of World of Warcraft on the UX21…

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IDF Showcase Likely to Reveal New Ultrabooks


Dell, HP, Fujitsu, MSI, Samsung, Packard Bell, Sony. There are still a number of laptop manufacturers that haven’t announced Ultrabooks but at next weeks Intel Developer Forum there’s something happening that could reveal devices and add to the list.

Aside from an Ultrabook-focused keynote and a number of Ultrabook technical sessions, there’s an Ultrabook showcase that could be the perfect place to highlight new developments. We’ve seen it in previous years with netbook and MIDs and we don’t expect the Ultrabook Showcase to be any different.

There are very few industry events left this year and precious little time to be getting excitement ramped up before the Christmas sales season so if models aren’t launched by the end of this month with availability in October, it could be too late.

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Indicators of an Ultrabook Developer Forum

Although we’ve already had two IDF (Intel Developer Forum) events this year it’s the San Francisco event starting in September that’s the highlight. It kicks off a new technology year for Intel and allows attendees to gauge what might happen in the next 12-18 months. You get to watch one of the leading technology companies in the world dance around some its leading technology. Read between the lines and you’re able to gauge a whole lot more than what the marketing reveals.


The earliest indication that you get of the marketing slant is the official keynote and session list. In years past we’ve seen ultra mobility and networks taking center stage. Last year we saw a huge push for Atom, this year the priorities look different. IDF is likely to be the springboard for Ultrabooks.

Intel will put a huge amount of money into promoting Ultrabooks and key features of Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge and advising their customers how to get the best out of the platforms. Take a look at some of the Ultrabook-related sessions that are on offer…

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