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The Ultrabook Effect – Core i5 + SSD + Touch, in a Notebook for €699


The Lenovo Ideapad Flex 14 comes with a Haswell (latest) Core i5 4200U CPU, 128GB of SSD, 10-point multitouch and a rotating display. Just one year ago, that sort of specification would have set you back 1000 Euro. Today, €699 (€587 pre-tax, RRP)

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Lenovo Flex 14. Pre-Order Core i5 Version for $669


I checked out the Lenovo Flex 13 at IFA earlier this month (video below) and it was good to see efforts in the Ultrabook space trickling down to mainstream laptops, because that’s exactly what the Lenovo Flex is all about. It offers Ultrabook-like specifications in a multimode (laptop + easel) design. Pre-order for the mobile 13.3” version isn’t available yet but the 14-incher is up for $669 in the US (Core i5) and €499 in Europe (Core i3.)

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Lenovo Flex 14 Hands On

Lenovo Flex 14 (3)

The Lenovo Flex 14, a ‘value’ variant of the Lenovo Yoga, starts at just 499 Euro. It’s running Haswell, has a touchscreen and a good keyboard. The battery is removable and it does this screen rotation trick. Don’t try and turn it into a tablet though because the screen only turns about 270 degrees round!

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