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LG Z360 at CES


When the LG Xnote Z350 launched, based on the Z330 before it,  LG claimed it was the thinnest Ultrabook. It’s not any more but it’s still in the ‘Wow’ category. The new LG Z360 is the same. Brad Linder of Liliputing went hands-on at CES 2013 and called it “one of the thinnest and lightest Ultrabooks” he’s ever seen.

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New Ultrabook: LG Xnote Z330

LG has announced a new Ultrabook. the LG Xnote Z330 with a 13.3” display and a 1.2KG / 2.6lb weight.


The size of the notebook has been kept to a minimum through the use of the LG Shuriken display technology so you’ve effectively got a 13.3” screen in the space of a 12” laptop although looking at the Toshiba Z830 specifications, it’s the same width. The Xnote Z330 is up to 14.7mm thick and is said to have a 6hr battery life. The new Ultrabook is due for availability this month but there’s no word of availability outside South Korea at the moment.

LG Xnote Z330 Specifications:

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LG Xnote P220. Not quite an Ultrabook. Full Specs Now in the Ultrabook Database

After scouring the net for an update on the LG Xnote P220 finding and entering all the details and images into our database I’ve decided that the P220 isn’t an Ultrabook. But it’s awesome enough that it needs a close look, even if it’s just for the screen.

The LG ‘Shuriken’ display [more info in this article] is the main feature here offering a 12.5” 1366×769 IPS screen in the same size as an 11.6” screen. it looks so impressive with the thin frame.



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Ultrabook Booth at IDF Hints New Ultrabooks. Dell, LG possibly included.


As we entered IDF in San Francisco this morning the first booth that greeted US was the Ultrabook both. Front and Center.
I little look round the booth reveals that there will be 6 new models shown. While 5 ate likely to be ODM devices looking.for a brand, one of them isn’t. LG/Compal Ultrabook Anyone?

The Dell Adamo is also shown on a poster.

Stay tuned because that booth opens in just 2 hours.

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LG P220 Ultrabook Rolling Soon


I’m on holiday today but I’ve just spotted this news about the LG P220.
According to reports, it will be rolling out in South Korea very soon. Specifications and an official image are available but there’s no price yet.


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