Ultrabook Buyers Guide

You’ve heard about Ultrabooks and ultrathin devices, read some  articles, checked out a few pictures and now want to do some more research? You’ve come to the right page on the right website.

My name is Chippy and since June in 2011 I’ve been researching the Ultrabook and ultralight laptop market and writing news, reviews and reports here on Ultrabooknews. I’ve pulled together an extensive database of devices, a list of reviews, images and videos.

Below you’ll find important background articles, guides and, something we’re very proud of, the excelent product advisor that I’ve primed and updated with my Ultrabook product knowledge. I advise reading some of the key articles we’ve written since June 2011 but if you just want a simple way to find a device from the market, jump straight to the Ultrabook advisor which takes you through a simple set of questions to a list of Ultrabooks and ultralights that should suit you.

What’s an Ultrabook?

You should read this article. It will help you to work out the difference between the word ‘Ultrabook’ and the word ‘Ultralight.’ One is a trademark used by Intel, the other is a generic term for a thin and light laptop. We also call them Ultrabook alternatives. You’ll also find a description of some of the Ultrabook features and some Ultrabook buying tips.

The Ultrabook and ultrathin database

Want to take a look at some specs, reviews, images, forum comments and videos. Everything has been archived in our database for you and the database is updated on a daily basis, if not hourly.

The Ultrabook and ultrathin Advisor

This gets better and better all the time as I continue to feed information about products into it. I’ve created a set of questions and mapped the answers to feature ratings in Ultrabooks. This isn’t just a database-driven chooser, this is a human-driven knowledge engine designed to help you buy your device.

View this advisor in a separate page.


  1. #1 by Anpu on July 4, 2012 - 06:30

    Some options are missing: I’d prefer user replaceable battery, and given a choice — not TN LCD screen (say, IPS).

  2. #2 by Barry on September 9, 2012 - 19:17

    I think we really need to be able to specify the max RAM quantity. For many computing tasks RAM load is a showstopper, but much more rarely does storage capacity make a task impossible. You can always add external storage but ram capacity is much more limiting. I think another major differentiating feature for ultra portables is a 3G sim card. The 11 ‘ HP elitebooks have this as an option also with 16Gb of ram, and I’d like to see it possible to get this out of your recommender.

  3. #3 by Lars on September 17, 2012 - 16:00

    It recomends last years models, thats not very smart. iMO

  4. #4 by Justin on October 14, 2012 - 08:33

    I really need to know what tablet/ net books come with Wacom stylus support. I need to know the levels of pressure sensitivity and if the pen has an eraser end. I am holding out hope that windows 8 will bring with it a great mobile cintiq for working and drawing in photoshop, but I find it nearly impossible to gather info on this front. So confusing.

  5. #5 by sunith on January 6, 2013 - 11:19

    Sir I need an ultra book laptop of high configuration & small screen size of any brand could I get anyone

  6. #6 by suonsamoun on August 28, 2013 - 19:16

    Does ultrabook good for computer department student? like c#,visual stdio,VM ware, and all subjects related to computer program. thanks

  7. #7 by suonsamoun on August 28, 2013 - 19:20

    Does Ultrabook good for computer major student? Like c#,VM ware, html, java visual studio and all subjects related to computer program. Thanks…

  8. #8 by Steve Chippy Paine on August 29, 2013 - 12:53

    Hmmm. That’s a good question. Having never run VMWare or Visual Studio I can’t say for sure but I suspect so. I will ask someone at Intel who knows.

  9. #9 by Steve Chippy Paine on August 29, 2013 - 16:57

    I just spoke to a developer. The newer Ultrabooks with SSD are fine for software development. From the developer….”I run all that plus Unity, Photoshop, Blender. You’ll want a high end Ultrabook with as much RAM and storage as you can get.”

  10. #10 by SO Eyali on October 11, 2014 - 06:19

    I am 60 years old and about to rejoin University for my 4Th Degree, this time solely for the pleasure of learning. I shall be learning Arts. I am searching an Ultrabook and have no idea which one to buy. So many options and so little knowledge on my part about it. The money is no issue and I wish not buy Apple since all my professional life I used non Apple computers. I am used to Windows 7 and like to buy an Ultrabook that is light, has long term battery, large memory, good resolution and good communication. I would like to use the one I buy for at least 5 years. What would you recommend please? Thank you

  11. #11 by Sampath on November 2, 2014 - 19:13

    I’m planning to buy a chromebook for my education and software development. I have seen couple of chromebooks which have upgrade ability of ssd to regular hard disk and 2gb ram to 16gb so I would like to get a list of those chromebooks which can be upgraded.
    I’m also planning to install ubuntu and use it as a regular laptop which can take my regular workload, of less weight and cheap (I’m looking for a chromebook which is less than $250) . I’m not sure how much battery life I get when I install ubuntu on it.

  12. #12 by arusiaba chichi on January 7, 2015 - 21:52

    I want to buy a HP or Asus ultrabook with small screen size (11-14in)long term battery, large storage, good cemara quality, high communicaion speed and and good resolution. Please what is ur advice.

  13. #13 by K on March 27, 2015 - 18:36

    Very first question in the Ultrabook Advisor – what is your maximum cost – I selected $1000. Picked mostly lower end specs, with the exception of battery life (which should complement less powerful, more basic models) and ended up with two selections at the end. One for $1200 and one for $1700. Thanks Advisor.

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